Anja, mother of deceased Dascha (16): We have moved her things with us

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Anja, mother of deceased Dascha (16): We have moved her things with us

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In two weeks, Dascha Graafsma would have turned 20, but Dascha from Hollandsche Rading died on November 28, 2015 on the track in Hilversum. She was 16 years old. Tuesday it was announced that there will be new research into the cause of death. Mother Anja: "I thought for a long time that she would come home again."

The new investigation consists of a 'forensic second opinion' by the Public Prosecution Service. Because further questions have arisen from a private investigation by Team Dascha Investigation (TDO). Incidentally, this does not reopen the criminal investigation.


On Tuesday, Renà © and Anja went to the police station with their investigator. There they were told that further forensic investigations are being conducted. "No matter how strange it sounds, that was a 'yes moment' for us.

It is not as if we now expect to hear the redeeming word about Dascha's death, but we do feel serious Renà © and our research leader Joey Roelofs have worked hard for that. Joey really has a heart for Dascha, even though he didn't know her. "


The OM has Tuesday also apologized for the certainty with which suicide was communicated. "On Saturday, November 28, officers came in and said," We have to tell you something terrible, your daughter has committed suicide. "You can't imagine." The family has always doubted the cause of death.

It has now been 44 months since Dascha died on the track. Anja speaks lovingly about her daughter and her other three children. "It is difficult to talk a lot about it within the family when we are together.


During a birthday or dinner you don't want to make each other sad. Then you have to actually not to be discussed nor explained, you feel that everyone misses Dascha at that moment.

We continue but the loss is getting worse. We are a strong family and we have to get through it, but the loss will never change. We cannot give her death a place. That does not work if you have experienced such a loss. "

Little sister

Tells about her three other children she: "We have very strong children. They continue their studies and jobs, they are doing well. Of course it matters to them that the matter is in the news a lot again. It is about their little sister. Normal functioning continues but of course a lot is happening to us inside. "

At the place in question at the railroad the family has set up a large memorial place icht. "I go there about once a month, on the 28th of the month, her day of death.


Then I stand there a bit to look at her photo look and think, "That's my daughter." "Many people pass by. "There is a lantern and of course that flame sometimes goes out. Sometimes we see that it is burning again, then someone apparently lit it again."

On August 17, Daschaâ € ™ s birthday would be 20 have become years. 'In the past years we have spent that day with several people, but this year we are going away with the family. That would also have been great for Dascha because she loved those things in life: eating out, getting out and about. "


Sometimes Anja wonders how her youngest daughter would have looked like now. "You can have those aging drawings made like the police sometimes do. I sometimes think about having that done. But I doubt: because I actually want to remember Dascha as Dascha really was. ""

After Dascha's death, the family moved twice. Yet there is still a special room in their house: the 'Das-An room'. "There are her things and furniture, her desk and mirror.

And things she once gave me. We even put her bike in front of the door again. We just don't put her things away. By the move of her room was already gone, but I found that difficult because I thought for a long time that she would come home again. "

The family made a website about Dascha with stories about her life . Father Renà ©: "We live on to share Dascha's life."