Apps to track your friends? "Sometimes someone suddenly comes along"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Apps to track your friends?

© Own photo Dewi and her friends use the 'Find my friends' app

For those who don't feel like calling and app each time with the question where someone hangs out, there are more and more apps. Think of Find my Friends, Life360, Glympse, Geozilla, FollowMee and Beer With Me. Why are these apps so popular?

Marketer Danny Oosterveer thinks there will only be more apps like this. "On the one hand we see that users on existing social media platforms want to share less information because of privacy. On the other hand, that need does not disappear," he says to Editie NL.

Physical contact

The According to him, apps respond well to the demand for physical contact. "People don't always want to share their lives on Instagram. But they want to keep the social aspect. These apps are very useful for that."

And they have, unlike other apps, a clear positive benefit. "You give permission to share your location so that you can do something fun with friends," says Danny. "And you don't have to post beautiful photos or be perfect. It's functional."

"Somebody suddenly comes along"

Dewi Stolk and her friends are big fans of this kind of apps. "We've been using Find My Friends for about a year now. Sometimes when I'm eating somewhere with my boyfriend, someone suddenly comes along," she says.

"But I also regularly check m An app. When I see that my friends are in the area, I will go there. "