Are you a good or bad influence on your friends?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Are you a good or bad influence on your friends?

© Shutterstock Sometimes we don't know what influence we have

Friends are there to get the best out of you, but not everyone does this. Do you know if you influence your friends in a positive or negative way? Pay particular attention to the following to find out whether you support your friends in their good behavior, or whether you maintain their bad habits.


Do you dare to have difficult conversations with you? friends, or do you always want to keep it light? Avoiding complicated and uncomfortable conversations makes it harder for your friends to grow into a better person.


Do your friends want to change? Then it's up to you to reward them when they make progress, for example with compliments or by celebrating. If they fail, don't tell them it doesn't matter. Instead, try encouraging them to try again. In this way you are a positive influence instead of destroying them.


The life you lead can indirectly have a major influence on the people around you. If you live unhealthily or have behavioral problems, your friends with similar problems will feel better about their wrong choices. By taking good care of yourself, your friends can consciously or unconsciously take an example. If you want to help others, it is important that you help yourself first. You will then be much better able to become a positive influence.

Source: Psychology Today