Are you a telephone junkie?

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Are you a telephone junkie?

© Shutterstock Our mobile phone teaches us unhealthy automatism, yet we all participate!

How often have you picked up your phone in the last hour? Research has shown that most people check their phones every 15 minutes. For example, there are a lot of unhealthy automatisms on our phone without us realizing it. Because yes everyone has it and everyone can always be reached anywhere, right?

In the book MINDGYM Wouter de Jong gives 120 exercises that help for more focus, peace and energy. Our cell phone use is part of these exercises. For example, he determines whether you are a telephone junkie based on a few questions. Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

-You experience one of these emotions if you cannot reach your phone or have no network: anger, frustration, irritability, tension, unrest, depression.

< p> - You need the latest phone model or / and as many apps as possible.

- You have made several attempts to look less at your phone.

- During a conversation check your phone regularly.

- You lose the sense of time while using your phone.

If you can find yourself in at least three positions, then according to Wouter you are a phone junkie . Several studies have shown that continuous checking of your telephone is the same as how people respond to cocaine. In his book, he gives tricks to get rid of your telephone addiction and assignments that can help with this.