Are you no longer attracted to your partner?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Are you no longer attracted to your partner?

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The attraction between you and your partner is often crucial to maintaining a successful relationship. What can you do if that attraction disappears and you find your partner less or no longer attractive?


Although you may think it is your partner's fault, there is an internal cause. Perhaps you behave differently, so that your partner also reacts differently. The result may be that you no longer find his or her behavior sexy or fun and therefore feel no attraction. Your own uncertainties can also manifest in a variety of ways, including how you see your partner. You may think that you are dissatisfied with your partner, while you are actually dissatisfied with yourself. You may therefore have to work on yourself to find your partner attractive again.

Refresh your relationship

Sometimes you are simply too familiar with your partner so there is no more tension. You will then have to try new things. It can be sexual acts, but finding new hobbies or traveling together can rekindle the flame.

Make time for each other

The opposite can also happen. You may have grown apart, for example because you are always busy with work. If you feel that you don't really know your partner that well anymore, then it is possible that the attraction has also disappeared. So get to know each other again. You may soon find out why you were so crazy about each other.

If you can't work it out together, look for an expert who can help you. It is not wise to simply wait, because before you know it, it is already too late and nothing can be saved anymore.

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