Are you not getting enough support from your partner?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Are you not getting enough support from your partner?

© Shutterstock You hear each other by supporting you thick and thin? In practice things sometimes go differently. What can you do then?

If you have a relationship, it seems obvious that you and your partner support each other. That is why it can be very difficult if you are working on a project or an idea while your partner is not convinced or even motivating you. How do you solve that?

Multiple types of support

First, it is important that you listen carefully to what your partner says. There is a big difference between breaking down an idea and giving critical feedback. If your partner gives helpful criticism, this can be a way to help you and ensure that you succeed. Perhaps your partner does not express the criticism so well that it comes across as offensive, but you can solve this by talking about it.


In all relationships there are disagreements and this does not have to be a problem to be. Perhaps it is too much to expect that your partner will support all your actions. Your partner has its own personality and identity and you will sometimes disagree about something more often. As long as your partner generally supports and respects you, you don't have to worry about those times you didn't agree.


In some relationships there is talk of sabotage. Your partner does not want you to succeed out of fear that your success will make you more independent or that you will have less time for him or her. You can give your partner the opportunity to change this behavior, but if this fails, sometimes there is nothing else to do but go your own way.