Ask for the road in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Ask for the road in Saint Petersburg, Russia

© Lonely Planet Ask the road in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Our local experts share their tips for breaking the language barrier (and with it the culture barrier) in their home towns. This time: Russia.

The residents of Saint Petersburg are sophisticated, polite and perhaps a little snobbish. In any case, they love their beautiful city. Ask them about their favorite places and discover small roof terraces, unknown galleries and new cultural happenings. The Russians are not known for their smile, but don't let that fool you. Talking about books, films, music and art is always a good strategy. Discussions about politics are inevitable. You will come across opposing views, so you have facts ready. And never express your admiration for Moscow.

Useful words

A good opening sentence is Izvinite pozhaluista, kak proiti v ...?

("Excuse me, how do I get to...?'). The locals boast that they know everything about their city and are happy to help

Kira Tverskaya is a writer and translator in Russia @Marjaviini

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