At the airport and on board: stop these dirty things!

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

At the airport and on board: stop these dirty things!

 © Offered by Zoover Media BV Barefoot security check

Just go through the security check or order a cup of coffee on boardâ € ¦ During your flight vacation a lot of things are much dirtier than you think! Â

Barefoot feet through the security check

Completely ready for your holiday to Spain or Portugal, you are ready for the security check. The minis in a plastic bag, laptop from your bag and your shoes off. But you can just keep your socks on. Not only for the appearance of the staff, but certainly also for yourself. Did you know that the floor of the airport is covered with bacteria? The last thing you want to start your holiday with is an E-coli infection on your feet. Are you traveling on slippers? Then take an extra pair of socks with you in your hand luggage! Â Â

Dirty hands after baggage check

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Not only the floor at the airport is dirty. The gray bins in which you put your things are not always fresh. Muddy shoes, sticky telephones and dirty bags leave a lot of dirt behind. So a tip from the staff: wash your hands after the security check!

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No shoes in the toilet

 © Offered by Zoover Media BV toilet plane Â

Would you ever be in a restaurant go to the toilet without shoes? Of course not. Why on the plane then? Especially when you consider that sometimes some urine ends up next to the pot due to turbulence. Iew! Are you assured of a clean toilet on holiday? Go to Hotel Call in Barcelona. Janneke Sloot writes in her review: â € ˜Good hotel, a stone's throw from La Rambla. Staff very friendly, rooms very clean. A must! Â € ™

Dirty trays

Another dirty place on the plane, the tray on which your food is served. Some people even change their babies on this! So do not eat your meal directly from the tray. Or clean the tray yourself with a cloth.

Coffee during the flight

The staff would rather skip the coffee on the plane itself. The water that is used to make the coffee is full of dirty bacteria. This is because the water comes from a tank that is stored right next to the garbage. Gatver! Then you better wait until you get to your hotel. For example at Hotel Carvi Beach Resort, according to Monique â € ˜a great hotel, less than a hundred meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. And very tasty coffee! Â € ™