Beach vacation in Sardinia & hidden dream locations

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Beach vacation in Sardinia & hidden dream locations

It's the Zoover Holiday Week! Every week we put a different holiday destination in the spotlight. This week it is always sunny Sardinia in Italy. Do you want to have a chance to win a travel voucher worth € 400? Then write a review about this beloved beach destination during this period. May your beach vacation be a bit adventurous? Then Sardinia is a perfect choice. On the Italian island, it is full of secluded bays and tiny sandy beaches. Grab the car, keep your eyes open and find your own picture perfect private beach! Or check one of our favorites.

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Cala Greca: small but very nice

Cala Greca is one of the best preserved secrets of the north coast of Sardinia. And that's a good thing too. The beach, surrounded by spectacular rock formations and crystal clear water, is only fifteen meters long. This makes this dream place one of the smallest bays in all of Sardinia. And one with exactly enough space for your bath towel! How to get there On foot or by boat. Tip: don't forget your snorkel set.

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Quinta Spaggia: ideal with kids

The Golfo Aranci is a dream destination for beach lovers in Sardinia. In this bay above Olbia, no fewer than five (!) Beautiful beaches await you. All of them with wonderful swimming water, cozy beach tents and a pleasant atmosphere. Our favorite is beach number five, Quinta Spaggia (literally 'fifth beach'). The water here is wonderfully shallow, nice and warm and calm. This makes Quinta Spaggia ideal for a day at the beach with small children.

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Capo Caccia: boat trip from Alghero

At first glance the bustling Alghero is not immediately the best place for secret beach locations. With its long sandy beaches and top resorts, the coastal town is a popular destination for a beach holiday in Sardinia. 'Recommended', reviewers Erik and Patty write. "A bit touristy but perfect beach and plenty to do in the evening." But there's more. The historic Alghero is also the ideal base for an adventurous beach holiday in Sardinia. For example, take the boat and discover the magical caves of Neptunes. You reach a wonderful underground world via the steep stairs along the rocks. Make your trip complete by stopping along the way at beautiful sandy beaches such as Spiaggia delle Bombarde or Spiaggia del Lazzaretto.

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Cala Grotta: most beautiful trip from Sant'antioco

According to you, the Sant'antioco peninsula is without a doubt the ultimate holiday destination in Sardinia. "Pure and original," writes one. "A fantastic place," reports another. Sant'antioco therefore has countless bays and tiny sandy beaches. Rent a car or a scooter and you will undoubtedly find your dream spot. Our favorite? That is without a doubt Cala Grotta. This beach is surrounded by giant white limestone rocks and bizarre blue water.