Beautiful living thanks to creative experts

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Beautiful living thanks to creative experts

With us on homify you may have seen work by the architects of Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management on several occasions. The handy thing about these experts is that they take care of both the architecture and the management of the entire job. And of course you can only benefit from it! We would like to show you some of their work and in this case have placed the focus on the interior. Be surprised by the beautiful images and be sure to be inspired.

Eclectic style

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management Eclectic style

In this the first small apartment you will immediately be overwhelmed by the beautiful eclectic style. Authentic elements with an industrial appearance have been brought into a perfect balance with beautiful modern furniture. This is really a place to come home to! And how nice is it if a professional can ensure that all this is properly supervised from A to Z? As a client you can of course only benefit from this.

Special solutions

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management Special solutions

A creative architect will be happy to work for you to come up with special solutions. And that is certainly the case with Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management. Take this special increase in the apartment that is furnished as a workspace. Without creating a separate room, a separate workplace has really been created. And the beautiful incidence of light through the old windows is also very beautiful ... A dream spot for everyone who works from home! And also nice and warm in the winter as the radiator is nicely hidden under the desk.

Nice and spacious

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management Nice and spacious

This living room is wonderfully spacious and is again beautifully decorated. The choice has been made here to realize a modern entourage in an old building. Certainly not a bad idea! And because of the color scheme, the old character still somehow remains intact. A great deal of attention has been paid to a good lighting plan and a big eye-catcher in the room is of course the fireplace. And also a nice idea to remember: place such a casual recording of your wedding day in the room!

Industrial edge

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management Industrial edge

We show you another snapshot of the house from the previous photo. The industrial edge immediately falls on this. The glass doors of course also have a very practical purpose: a small hall has been created that ensures that the house stays warmer in the winter. Pay attention to the minimalist effect used here: a picture to see!

Another spacious living room!

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management Another spacious living room!

We just showed you a spacious living room, here again that is the case. And such a beautiful centrally placed fireplace we see again here. And here too, modern design has been chosen. With nice patio doors you have direct access to the terrace, great for the summer! And as soon as it gets colder, just enjoy the fireplace inside ...

The hall

© homify / Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management The hall

We conclude with an image of a hall. Here too you see the industrial return through the door. The wooden staircase provides a nice eclectic balance, especially in combination with the natural stone floor. So you see that the right balance can lead to very beautiful things. And the fact that there are experts who can help you extensively with this must certainly be a reassuring thought. Are you curious about more about the work of Thijssen Verheijden Architecture & Management? Don't miss this article!