Because of corona fear, you can now book your holiday for a good price

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Because of corona fear, you can now book your holiday for a good price

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The travel industry is on its hole. Fear of the corona virus, travelers are reluctant to book vacations. As a result, travel organizations are staring with their prices and cheap tickets are on their way.

Holidaymakers who want to leave cheaply can therefore make the most of it. And not only to areas where there are many corona infections: also safe areas such as the Canary Islands, Corfu and Zanzibar are offered for dump prices.

For example, this afternoon you scored a trip to Gran Canaria at HolidayDiscounter for 148 euros. And that included flight and stay in an apartment.


"With all the attention for the coronavirus last week, we notice that people are somewhat reluctant to book their vacation" , Petra Kok from TUI tells EditieNL. "That is why we are making holidays even more attractive and prices are being lowered in a number of destinations." TUI also offers a so-called 'exchange guarantee', with which you can adjust your destinations or departure date free of charge up to 22 days before departure.

HolidayDiscounter informs EditieNL that prices have been extremely low for a few days. "In particular those of last-minute holidays. The immediate reason for this is indeed the corona virus."

Purchased trips

As a result, travel organizations are stuck with their purchased trips. "Many organizations buy their aircraft seats well in advance from the airlines on a large scale. Those costs have already been made. By lowering prices they are still trying to earn something back."

The last one Heyer sees the bookings attracting something again. "It is not yet clear whether this is because the trips are so cheap."


Dealhunters - people looking for the best vacation for the cheapest possible price - confirm that the prices of holidays are extremely cheap. This is also the case with Ingmar Bruinsma from travel website TravelClown. Nevertheless, he has seen more examples of this kind come along over the years. "This happens often, for example, when destinations are badly in the news due to forest fires."

According to him, the travel organizations are doing everything possible to fill as much capacity as possible. "I'd rather sell a ticket for a hundred euros than nothing at all."

Last minute

He also sees that last minute holidays are especially cheap. "The closer to the departure date, the greater the discount. With less than four weeks before departure the cheapest deals can be found."

Travel agency ANVR advises people who are in doubt to book with a 'trusted partner' and opting for a total package. "If you then receive a negative travel advice, you will get your money back in most cases."

Examples of cheap deals *:

Deal: 8 days Kos (flights + transfers + 3- * apartment)

Old price pp: € 450- € 500 Price now: € 182

Deal: 8 days Algarve (flights + 3- * apartment)

Old price: € 350 - € 400 Price now: € 129

Deal: 10 days La Palma (flights, transfers & 4- * resort)

Old price: € 500- € 550 Price now: € 177

Deal: 16 days Dominican Republic (flights + transfers + all inclusive)

Former price: € 1300- € 1500 Price now: € 799

Deal: 9 days Florida (flights + stay)

Old price: € 650 Price now: € 399

* The prices mentioned above were used on Friday afternoon 6-3-2020.