Blackbird is bailiff: I always bring bad news

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Blackbird is bailiff: I always bring bad news

Merel Prenger (29) started seven years ago as a debt collector and turned it into a bailiff at the age of 26. She is single.

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In my high school photo album ...

"it already says that I want to become a bailiff. Quite funny, because which teenager wants that? But I had my reasons: a few family members work in the legal profession and because of what I got from them, bailiffs always looked very chic in my eyes, they drove expensive cars and earned a lot of money. That is, by the way, still disappointing, but at the time it seemed like something to me. "

For one of my first jobs ...

" I had to be aboard a ship, in the harbor from Rotterdam. The only way to get there was climbing. There I hung in my pencil skirt and with my heels. Since then I have always had a set of clothes, a helmet and a few boxes in my car.

As a bailiff I see things that remain hidden from others. That can be very funny - like someone who opens the door in his nakie - but is sometimes also very poignant. That is how I once arrived at a very neglected building: the walls and floors were bare and dog shit everywhere. And between all the mess two children played. "

Nobody is happy to see me ...

" Because I always bring bad news. Sometimes I find that difficult. I would like to appear as a Gaston with people at the door with a golden envelope. Fortunately most people realize that I am only the messenger and that I have nothing to do with the matter. I don't care, for the simple reason that someone has to bring the bad news. "

Being a woman works in this profession ...

" often in my favor. Many people have the image of a gray, balding man in a dusty suit with a bailiff. I am a lot more accessible, in a nice dress and with a friendly smile. I think I have a social function in my work. If people want to share their story, I listen carefully and I will always think seriously about a solution.

I feel no better than anyone else, because I have no idea that the people I visit in the problems have come. It may be a cliché, but if I have learned something, it is: it can really happen to anyone. There are many prejudices; that they have been lazy or do not want to work. But that's not the way it is. It can happen to me too. "

The only one I'm afraid of ...

" is my sports coach, haha! Just before the training starts, I always wonder what the hell he will come up with again. Exercising is my outlet. During my work I constantly have to make unpleasant decisions and everything that I experience around it, I sweat out during a heavy training. Of course something sometimes lingers, because I'm not made of stone. That's why I like that my friends don't work in the same industry. That makes letting go a little easier. "