Both work from home? I'm already fighting! "

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Both work from home? I'm already fighting!

In Lieve Sabine we discuss striking, fun, difficult and sometimes painful problems every week. This time a reader has her hands in her hair because of the mandatory home-working situation.

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Dear Sabine, the social restraint has only been in force for a few days and yet the first irritations between my husband are and I already originated. We both have to work from home from our employers. Something that we naturally also do, because we are well aware of the usefulness of the rules. I work as a secretary for a large international company and have to answer the transferred phone and answer emails.

My husband works for a large ICT company and has been meeting non stop for two days via Skype and Facetime. Our house is not big enough to really separate us and we also have two children aged 9 and 7 at home. They also need attention and we need to give them home education. In addition, they are very much in each other's hair. I just don't remember. Help!

Sabine: "I really feel sorry for you and I am afraid that many families are currently in the same situation. Maybe something better can be made between you and your spouse? Could it be possible that you and your husband keep alternating in the bedroom office? If he has a meeting, that he will sit on your bed for a while? "

" I assume you work on laptops. Or is it possible to do some work in the evening? So that you can also divide the care for the children a bit? You may find these tips useful for your children. It is currently rowing with the straps you have, and hopefully you and your husband will get out a bit together. Because right now you need each other badly. Good luck! ”