Bride fell in love with wedding DJ

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Bride fell in love with wedding DJ

© Shutterstock Of all the places where you can meet the love of your life, your own wedding is really the last place you expect it.

A woman from Baltimore, USA, has shared a very remarkable love story. She met her partner at her own wedding, where she married another man.

Wedding DJ

Megan Willis got married in 2016, but their marriage was bound to fail. The DJ at her wedding was Mark Stone. To be precise, Megan already met the DJ during the wedding preparations. Furthermore, she did not know him, because her sister had chosen the DJ. What she never saw was that he would be her next partner.

Stranded marriage

About a year after the wedding, Megan's wedding was about to collapse. Because of her marital problems, she decided to visit her sister and together they went to a bar where the DJ was working. She started talking to the DJ and got a good relationship with him. It started as a friendship and they both had bad relationships. A while after the divorce from Megan, they became an official couple. Megan said she didn't get enough attention from her husband, while Mark always showed interest in her.

Their age difference is also remarkable, since Mark is 23 years older than Megan. However, they are not ashamed of it and hope that they can break through the taboo by being open about it.

Source: Metro