Budget tips: this is how you save money on vacation

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Budget tips: this is how you save money on vacation

Renée Lamboo shows that money matters can be fun and exciting. On her site porterenee.nl she gives tips about saving, saving, investing, paying off and mortgages. Today she explains how you can save money in a smart way on vacation.

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We also travel abroad during the autumn holidays. Holidays are always expensive. Not only the tickets and the accommodation, but also on the spot you spend a lot of money unnoticed. With these saving tips you keep your money in your pocket and you still have a great trip.

1. Know how money works at your destination. Did you know that coffee is more expensive in many places in Italy when you sit on the terrace? If you drink your espresso at the bar, like most Italians, you pay less. Use the local rules to your financial advantage.

2. Traveling by car? Make sure you find an affordable gas station near your stay. Ask the locals for an address and avoid expensive gasoline along the highway.

3. Cook yourself. On holiday it is of course tempting to go out to eat often. Nice, but it costs you a fortune. Cooking yourself is a cheaper option. As an always-cooking parent, are you tired of standing behind the roof? Engage your children or partner. Choose a salad more often. Would you like to eat out? Then eat your lunch in a restaurant instead of your dinner. That is cheaper and you can finish off with a baguette with cheese in the evening.

4. You can also get a discount on holiday. Many tourist cities offer maps with which you can use public transport cheaper. Or with which you can visit certain museums for free. You can also download free audio tours in more and more places.

5. A day out? Take with you the money that you have budgeted to spend that day. You know exactly what you have to spend and you have to do it with it.