"Can my daughter (10) wear make-up?"

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

The daughter (10) of Veronica (38) likes to wear make-up, but she doubts whether she will allow it. Veronica is afraid that her daughter is too much influenced by influencers and girlfriends, but also understands that she does not want to be left out. What is wisdom?

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Curiosity about make-up is indeed part of the development of her identity, notes children's coach Marlies Ganzeboom. “It happens that young children start drawing on their hands, like to be painted, or want to make-up with friends. Some are more ready for this than others, for example because they take an example from their older sister or are influenced by friends or online personalities. ”


Marlies therefore recommends to not immediately sabotage your child's wishes. “It's simply important for her to fit in. Depending on how much makeup she wants to use, you can of course discuss it. Every now and then a bit of mascara is a different story than a layer of foundation and the hair full of lacquer. ”

“ Try to find out what her arguments are. Why does she want this? For example, what does she think of friends who already wear make-up? What does she think is the most beautiful and what does she like about someone else? A child of 10 can form an opinion well; this way you can find out, for example, whether she is trying to conform to group behavior, or whether there are other reasons for her intentions. ”


“ That might be interesting for you as a mother too! Then listen carefully to her. A child measures up to everything and everyone around them and the influence of social media and friends is enormous. Always doing what Mommy says is not necessary, and that is why a little makeup is really not bad, but it is good to let them think about the things they want and do. After all, it is not necessary to let go completely and let her put herself fully in the make-up.