Can you wear bright colors as a man?

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Can you wear bright colors as a man?

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It shows again in this time of economic growth; the better it goes, the brighter the colors of our clothing. When we are in heavy weather, the shades of gray appear again and are mainly worn in gray or dark blue. This spring, baby blue, light green and bright red come to the fore fashion colors. But do you have to want that as a man? Well, yes and no.

Most striking man in the room

With bright colors you say in facts: here I am, look at me. Moreover, it is clothing that you cannot just wear for several days in a row. A black sweater stands out a lot less than twice the same bright red sweater. If you wear it, be careful. Nothing as annoying as being in the spotlight in a negative way.

Never too much of a good

Limit the bright colors to a single item. Are your shoes bright yellow? Then put on a basic dark blue pants with a white t-shirt. In addition to enhancing the effect of color - precisely because it stands out more because of the rest - it is not an abundance of colors and patterns. You also don't want people to get sick of the dizzying effect that "too much of the good" can have.

How many colors do you wear at the same time?

The same goes for formal clothing. You can easily wear a bright red suit, but then combine it with a light blue or white shirt. Don't go there with more colors. If a tie is worn, make sure it is dark blue and has no pattern. Finding the right balance starts when you know what is too much. "When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you've put on," as Coco Chanel always said. So take a good look at that outfit and see if there really isn't too much color to be found.