Celebrate Halloween in 'Dracula's Castle'

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Celebrate Halloween in 'Dracula's Castle'

© Lonely Planet Celebrate Halloween at 'Dracula's Castle'

Are you brave enough to attend a special Halloween party in the historic building known as Dracula's Castle?

Tour operator Civatis is organizing a Halloween party in November at historic Bran Castle near Transylvania. The castle is referred to by many people around the world as 'Dracula's Castle' since it meets the description of the infamous Count's home from the Bram Stoker novel from 1897. During the unique event you will spend a night in a three-star hotel and enjoy a Romanian banquet meal (where three local specialties are served), followed by a tour of the historic castle and a horror film screening. Afterwards you can party all night in the castle with a DJ. And because it falls around Halloween, it is certainly appreciated if you come dressed in a costume. The party ends at 4 a.m. after which a guide will take the guests back to the hotel.

The event costs € 249 per person, more information can be found on the official Civitatis website.

Opening image: sorincolac / iStock