City trip France: 5 surprising cities for a city trip

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City trip France: 5 surprising cities for a city trip

Do you want to make a city trip in France, but do you want something different than a city trip to Paris, Nice or Lyon? No worries! There are so many beautiful cities in France that are worth a weekend trip. Zoover made a list of 5 special and surprising cities for a city trip in France.

Surprising city trip France: city trip Metz

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Are you looking for a surprising destination for a city trip to France? We tip Metz! Of course you have to go inside the Metz Cathedral to admire the beautiful stained glass windows. Be sure to visit the German Quartier Impérial district. The station alone is already great, with beautiful reliefs, the beautiful bookstore and exuberant stained glass windows. In addition, L’île du Petit Saulcy - an island in the Moselle - hosts many other sights of Metz. Besides the fact that the atmosphere is really great in Metz, you shouldn't miss the Center Pompidou. This is just outside the city center, but is definitely worth a visit.

Weekend away Nancy

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What applies to Metz, applies also for Nancy. Are you on your way to the South of France or Spain by car? Step on the Route du Soleil then brake on Nancy, because this French city is too beautiful to pass by. The stately squares, great museums and beautiful Art Nouveau deserve a closer introduction. The old town requires wandering to be discovered. A place that you must see is the impressive Place Stanislas. You will also find the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Enough reasons not to drive past Nancy anymore! Tip: you can easily combine a city trip to Nancy with a city trip to Metz. Are you considering a city trip to Nancy? Hotel La Residence receives an average rating of 8.7. Holidaymaker JHB is very enthusiastic and even gives the hotel a 10. 'A neat and tidy hotel, fairly new. Helpful staff, plenty of breakfast. After a long car ride it is nice to walk 20 minutes to the famous square "Place Stanislas". Hotel recommended. "

City trip to Southern France: on a discovery tour in Montpellier

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If you want to combine sun, sea and city with culture and enjoyment, then a city trip to Montpellier is highly recommended - it is a true student city with lots of pleasant terraces and places to go out. combination of city and beach In the lively southern French city in the Languedoc-Roussillon you can admire various sights: Stroll through the picturesque streets of the old center, enjoy the terraces of la Place de la Comédie, sniff culture in the Musée Fabre and unwind in the botanical Jardin des Plantes If you want to go shopping, go to the huge shopping center Odysseum, in short, Montpellier has plenty to offer!

Sniffing culture during a city trip to Nimes

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Another city in the south of France that is absolutely worth it? Take a visit to Nimes! In Nimes you cannot escape Roman history. The best example of this is the Arena of Nimes. This amphitheater was built in the first century AD and was inspired by the Colosseum in Rome. Another famous Roman building in Nimes is the Maison Carrée. In addition, you will also find various museums in Nimes, for example about art and archeology. There is a nice, quiet atmosphere. Tip: make sure you are in the southern French city on Saturday, then there is a market in the center. Cozy and pleasant. Real French, pure French. Are you looking for the real Vive la France feeling? Nimes is exactly what you are looking for. Hotel Le Pré Galoffre receives the wonderful average rating of 8.9 from the reviewers. Dirk recently stayed there and gives the hotel a 9.

Toulouse for a few unforgettable days

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Toulouse is a lively, hip city, with lots of sights and fun things to do. An ideal city for a weekend trip in France. Take a look at the beautiful two-part cathedral, take a look at the impressive Église des Jacobins, stroll along cozy quays on the Garonne and have a drink on the large Place du Capitole. Visit a museum and enjoy French delicacies in the Marche Victor Hugo market hall. You will have a great weekend here!