City trips to Germany, 9 favorites

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City trips to Germany, 9 favorites

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Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt, we now know them! Do you want to discover another side of Germany? German cuddlyness: here, ich! Make your choice from this list of nine favorites.

4 cities in Germany where you must have been


After Berlin the largest city in the country and a true metropolis, that is the port city of Hamburg. The historic and modern harbor determine the special atmosphere. Art, culture, shopping, going out: everything is there to spend a few wonderful days just a four-hour drive from Utrecht. Stay at the Hotel Lindner Park Hotel Hagenbeck or Hotel Steigenberger.

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Munichers know better than anyone how to build a party. Together with your (new) friends you can drink a best beer at one of the huge marquees at Oktoberfest. But at other times of the year it is good to toast in Munich in the many cozy Biergartens.

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Although located in the former East Germany, Dresden is not gray and chilly, but a beautiful historic baroque city on the Elbe. The location is beautiful: enclosed between nature reserve Sächsische Schweiz and wine region Elbeland. That variety makes Dresden ideal for a trip during a camping holiday in the area, at the Wostra or Lux Oase campsite.

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During the Second World War, Leipzig was severely destroyed and the city did not get any better in the GDR time either. Nevertheless, it has now become a hip, popular place with a rich history. There are just about street musicians on every corner. The "music route" takes you past Mendelssohn Haus, the Bach Museum or the Robert Schumann Haus. Is this your city trip destination? Hotel Alt Connewitz and Hotel Michaelis are recommended.

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Who what? Weimar! A city in the German state of Thuringia where you want to get lost in the cozy streets and alleys. Weimar has no fewer than 16 cultural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Think of the Goethe and Schiller House, the castle of Duchess Anna Amalia and the library. The city is just around the corner from Hainich National Park: the ideal combination between city and nature. Tip: Are you going to Christmas time? Then don't forget to taste a piece of Christstoll: the oldest Christmas stollen in Germany comes from this region.

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A German gem in just a few hours. Ideal if you want to get away from it all, but don't feel like a long journey. Düsseldorf is a very creative city, they love music. For example, you can book a We-Love-Music tour where you learn more about the city and its extensive music history on foot. Düsseldorf is also a mecca for shopaholics. Not only will you find stores of all major international brands here, but in most cases you will also find their flagship stores. Big. Taller. Greatest The countless unique boutiques are also worth a visit. As a partygoer, you have to be in the Flingern and Bilk districts to put the flowers outside. And for impressive, modern architecture, you take public transport to the Medienhafen district.

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This lively student city is located in the north of Germany, amid beautiful scenery. The impressive city center dates from the 13th century, so a city walk cannot be missed. There is so much to see! Such as the medieval Wasserburg castle, the impressive state theater, the countless statues of the city, the residential areas and the town hall. Tip: After the city walk, don't forget to take part in a game of asshole (City-Boßeln) or try kale at the Grünkohl Academy. Oh, and have you tasted the kale-praline chocolate yet? We challenge you!

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The Moselle and Rhine region may be known as a favorite holiday destination for the elderly, but don't let this stop you from visiting fun-filled Koblenz. Any city that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List is worth a visit anyway! It is practically around the corner, and yet you have the ultimate holiday feeling. Koblenz city is located on both the Moselle and the Rhine and is surrounded by rolling hills. With a castle on just about every hilltop. Whether you like to have a good shop session or prefer to immerse yourself in history and visit one of the many castles and castles: Koblenz has it.

Bonus: city trip with a Christmas feeling © Offered by Zoover Media BV

At the end of November the lights of the popular Christmas markets will come on again in Düsseldorf, Essen and Cologne, among others. Then with a glass of mulled wine in your hand you can choose a beautifully handmade gift for your mother-in-law and enjoy beautifully decorated gingerbread. Or how about a surprising Christmas destination Heidelberg? If you cannot succeed at the Christmas market, shop your original gifts (together with the monks) at the market at Klooster Stift Neuburg.