Claire gave up her job to be a full-time mother

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Claire gave up her job to be a full-time mother

Claire Visser (37) has a relationship with David and is the mother of three children (5, 1 and 5 months). She had a job as a cook, but now she is full-time at home with the children.

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Why do you love being at home with the children?

"My mother was there too for me when I was growing up and I experienced that as very nice. That's how I wanted to do it myself later. I thought it was great fun and the thought of this gave me a warm feeling. I myself come from a family with three children. I wanted that too. I could see it completely. "

Yet you first worked on your career ...

" I first played hockey very fanatically in the Dutch big league, in Ladies 1 of HC Rotterdam. After my studies I rolled into the hospitality industry as the cook of a restaurant. I enjoyed doing that so much, I was fascinated by cooking. I have continued to develop in this. Thus the dream of becoming a mother faded into the background. I still wanted it, but now in combination with my sport and my work. "

Yet you are now a full-time home mom. Then why did you stop?

"After the birth of my first child, I initially stayed home. My then friend and I thought this was important for our son. I didn't like the idea of ??sending him to the shelter immediately. But I missed the hockey and my job. In particular its social aspect. That's why I picked them up again after a while. Only this ultimately cost me my relationship. "

Really only for that reason?

" Of course, more was going on, but my busy life certainly helped us break up went. I trained three nights a week, worked as a cook, had a child ... I wanted to do that differently in the future. "

How did you see that for you as a single mother?

“Of course I had to work to make money. But I quickly got a new relationship and a second child. I had been thinking for a while about starting for myself, a catering company. David, my new friend, gave me the support and confidence to set this up. I registered with the Chamber of Commerce and was ready for it ... "

But then there was a hitch?

" I turned three months after the birth of my second being pregnant again! "

Away catering company?

" For the time being. There is something stricken in me, call it a top sport mentality. If I do something, I do well. When I became pregnant with the third one, I thought: I can start now, but if I have to stop because I can't take it anymore, I will ruin my good name. That is not good for the credibility of my company. "

So the plan is going to be in the refrigerator for a moment?

" Yes, I have decided to pick it up again as soon as my youngest is in school. It is itching to do something again, but I want to be there for my children as long as it is possible. "