Cleaning the fridge: use talcum powder and skewers

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Cleaning the fridge: use talcum powder and skewers

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Feeling thirsty? The first thing that is done is to open the fridge. This cold device accommodates all our fresh food. But how do we ensure that it stays clean and tidy inside?

If leftover food remains in the refrigerator, bacteria can start to grow, explains Jasper de Vries of the Netherlands Nutrition Center. In a refrigerator, those bacteria grow more slowly than in a room temperature environment, but if you have not cleaned the refrigerator for a long time, that growth may have increased considerably. Those bacteria can come into contact with food, resulting in illness.

How do you clean the fridge?

But how do you start cleaning the fridge? According to housekeeper Zamarra Kok, the appliance does not have to be switched off, unless you immediately take the freezer compartment with you. "Get the trash can ready: bet there are products by date?" She warns. When that selection is over, all parts can be removed - the bottle holder, the egg rack, the vegetable drawer - and you can wash them off with soap and water and detergent.

Cook the inside of the refrigerator Cook it preferably with soap and dish soap or soda. "The advantage of soda is that it is odorless, but it tackles bad odors well." According to the Netherlands Nutrition Center, the products can be returned to the refrigerator when the temperature is around 4 degrees.

Water in the bottom of the refrigerator

a clogged drain hole in the back of the device. "The drain drains the condensation that is created by the cold air on the rear wall of the refrigerator. Therefore keep it clean." You do this by puncturing the drain with a cotton swab. In addition, according to Kok it is good to let a drop of chlorine run into the water a few times a year.

Also do not forget to go through the folds of the rubber seal with a cleaning cloth, Kok warns. "If the dirt is deep in it, use a skewer. If necessary, spread some talcum powder on the rubbers, then they will remain soft."

household expert. That way she makes the back of the refrigerator dust-free. With a grid full of dust, the machine cannot properly dissipate the heat and energy consumption increases. There is also a risk of fire.

How do you keep your shiny refrigerator clean longer?

According to Kok, a major cleaning of the fridge once a quarter is sufficient. The Nutrition Center would prefer to see this once a month and the freezer once a quarter.

According to the housekeeper, you should keep the fridge clean by also brushing it a little between major cleaning. If a soft drink has leaked, if there is a sticky print of the jam jar, or if there are crumbs, wipe it with a cloth. "That takes 30 seconds."

Kok uses trays on which she puts the jars and a container for cheese and meat products. "This keeps the fridge clean and makes it easier for me to put things on the counter or on the table."

According to the Nutrition Center, it is also good to eat food in time and to keep food scraps in a visible place in the fridge. so that there is little chance that they will be forgotten. "Close food properly and avoid crumb or lump residue."