Cleaning together can boost your relationship

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Cleaning together can boost your relationship

© Editors Marie Claire Cleaning together can boost your relationship

Do you do the laundry at home, do you clean the dishwasher, do the beds and your partner does little? Then it is time for a change! This is because couples who do the housework seem less likely to have a conflict and would be happier in the relationship.


Researchers say it's important to start right away. The first two years of a relationship are crucial for the fair distribution of tasks. Fixed patterns are difficult to break. An unfair division of labor can eventually lead to conflict and a less happy relationship. And you don't want that. Have you lived together for a while and are the tasks unfairly distributed? Then make a new distribution, so that you break old (annoying) habits.

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Do you have a joint account, mortgage or something else that needs to be kept? Consider keeping these finances a household task. This is often not always seen as a household task, but it is of course in your common interest. It is therefore fair to include these tasks for the most equitable distribution.