Clever planter crawls into the sun and shouts for water

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Clever planter crawls into the sun and shouts for water

© Vincross

Shit, another plant dead. You forgot to give him water, stupid, better next time. Certainly if you do not put it in a normal planter, but in a normal one. Maybe not a robot that you should take home if you are afraid of spiders, but it is certainly a beautiful thing. In addition, he ensures that your green friends will have a longer life in the future.

Plants are extremely good for health and also look great in an interior. However, if they are dead, it gives a less positive vibe. This clever planter Hexa therefore takes care of itself completely. It is a kind of spider that looks up the sun itself when it gets a little cold and gets angry if you haven't watered for too long.

"Plants have no freedom"

The maker says some pity for plants, because - he says - they have the least freedom of all living things. "It is simply a standard setting that nature offers plants." Well, we have never actually seen it that way. How silly it is indeed that plants can see the sun, but cannot go there and slowly languish in the shade.

Unfortunately, Hexa is nowadays mainly available as a 'normal' robot and not necessarily as a smart planter . It seems as if the company, Vincross, has let go of this. Of course you can adjust it yourself, a kind of backpack on the back should work. However? A Hexa costs around 875 euros and comes with an OS, open source SDK and 3D simulator so that you can get to work with it yourself.

Hexa is a smart planter

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