Corfu with children: do it!

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Corfu with children: do it!

The Greek island of Corfu has stolen the hearts of many vacationers. The northern Corfu is one of the greenest islands in the country. It has beautiful blue bays, a pleasant temperature all year round and offers many options for child-friendly days out. Discover why Corfu is a wonderful place for a holiday with children. © Offered by Zoover Corfu with children bays

Flying to Corfu

The flight time from Amsterdam to Corfu is only 2 hours and 45 minutes. That is shorter than a flight from Amsterdam to, for example, southern Spain. Very nice if you travel with (small) children. You also do not need vaccinations!

Beautiful sandy beaches

Are sun, sea and beach very important for your family? Corfu has long sandy beaches and small bays with pebble beaches. On some small beaches there are no toilets, umbrellas, sun beds or beach tents. Take a picnic basket and you have the kingdom for yourself. Prefer everything to hand? Many large beaches do have all the facilities that make things a little easier with children. Extra nice: the island has more than thirty beaches with a Blue Flag. This seal means clean and safe beaches. Very nice with children!

A wonderful Mediterranean climate

Not unimportant: the weather! That is always good in Corfu. In the winter, the temperature during the day does not fall below 15 degrees. From May to October it is always 23 degrees or more. If you do not yet have children attending school, Corfu with children in the spring and autumn is also a top option. It is then less crowded and accommodations are cheaper than in high season. For the really high temperatures you cannot get out of the high season, because July and August are the months when it is more than 30 degrees. Real beach weather! © Offered by Zoover Corfu with children Splashworld

A very versatile island

Do you enjoy a relaxing day at the beach and do you want to do something active with the children the next day? Corfu is the island for child-friendly adventures. For the real water rats, Aqualand Resort (Splashworld) is a good tip. You can spend the night there, but even if you stay in another accommodation, your children can enjoy more than thirty slides and more than ten swimming pools all day long. Snorkeling, diving and canoeing are among the options for slightly older children. Also great fun: take the car and drive around the island, from bay to bay and from a small village to Corfu Town. This is how you discover Corfu at its best.

Wide choice of accommodation on Corfu

From spacious family hotels to small-scale book hotels and apartments: Corfu has a wide range of accommodation options. What fits your family? What you can take into account: most of the sandy beaches and the most visited villages are in the north of Corfu. The south is quieter, flatter and greener. Popular and fine accommodation in Corfu are Hotel Louis Corcyra Beach ****, Hotel Messonghi Beach ***, Apartment Riviera Barbati ****, Aparthotel Angelica ** and Hotel Aqualand Resort (Splashworld) ****.