Cuddling Coronia: 'You feel each other's warmth'

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Cuddling Coronia: 'You feel each other's warmth'

© Ron Strik "Building plastic for a corona proof hug, why not?"

A hug. Corona proof. That was all Anne Strik asked her daughter Lieke for Mother's Day. "Be creative," she added. And that's what Lieke did.

Lieke (21) and her mother Anne (46) from the Gelderlandse Meteren have such a typical 'cuddle band'. Always a hug, a kiss when entering and leaving. "I am not always very cuddly, but I am with my mother," says Lieke.

Except for the past few months, when everything was different from normal and corona threw a spanner in the works. Anne's 16-year-old son, and therefore Lieke's brother, has a serious, chronic gastrointestinal disease. If he gets corona, it will be 'chopping violently', according to his mother.

'No risk'

"We don't want to take any risks," says Lieke. Anne: "Because Lieke no longer lives at home, it felt safer to keep a distance." The family wants to prevent Anne or her husband from getting sick and no longer being able to take care of their son, or - worse - that their son gets sick himself. "I would never forgive myself for that," says Lieke.

But it is not fun, not being able to hold each other. In recent months they have seen each other from a safe ('impersonal') distance in the garden. But Anne missed the physical contact very much. "It feels so unnatural not to really feel your child."


So, with Mother's Day in mind, Lieke went looking for a solution with her friend. They found it in the Action, on the shelf with building plastic, that is, painters often use to cover furniture.

Why not, Lieke thought. She bought a suit, bought some tape, and went to her childhood home with her boyfriend. There she hung the plastic with the tape in the garage door. "We taped it very carefully," says Lieke. "There should not be a hole in it."

© Offered by RTL Nieuws


And then what could not happen in recent months could happen: the hug. "So nice!" Says Lieke. Anne: "You really feel each other's warmth. That is what every person ultimately needs, I think."

The Mother's Day cuddly toys did not last very long, because with every inhalation Lieke and Anne suck a piece of plastic . "You barely got any breath. We did laugh about it," says Anne.

Lieke would be able to repeat it, if this period lasts longer. "I think I'll go again to the Action or the hardware store. Just stock up on cuddly material."