Daphne found the love of her life through Wordfeud

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Daphne found the love of her life through Wordfeud

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To kill time, Daphne (47) downloads the Wordfeud puzzle game. She likes to chat with people who are at least as good as themselves. But she never expected that she had been in a relationship for five years through one of these "innocent" conversations ...

Daphne was randomly linked to her current partner Rob (52) at Wordfeud, they played against each other . Rob took the first step. "Nice word" he sent me. This one message was the start of many other conversations. ”

The chat conversations started very simple, but became more and more personal. "At a certain point we discussed topics such as work and children."

The first date

Rob was the first to ask Daphne to go on a date, they were going to drink coffee in Bodegraven. “Of course I didn't know him well and was careful. My parents also had their doubts. I found a cup of coffee the safest choice. If it wasn't anything, I could leave after one head. "

But that turned out not to be necessary. When the two saw each other for the first time, it immediately felt good. "It was a hit right away, he also looked much better in real life than in the photo."

Modern family

After this a number of dates followed, but Daphne and Rob took it easy. “I just got out of a divorce and we both have two children. I have a son (19) and a daughter (20) and Rob also has a son (23) and a daughter (17).

We have been in contact with Wordfeud for the first six months, then we are switched mainly to Skype. To be able to be a bit together, for example, we watched Modern Family on Netflix at the same time. Then in the meantime we skypeten together and then we were together. ”

Lat relationship

After six months it was officially on, the two have a lat relationship. “I live in Ter Aar and Rob in Nijmegen. We take turns taking turns every weekend. ”At first, Daphne was rather skeptical about a slat relationship,“ but now I only see the benefits of it.

We are together every weekend and that keep it exciting. With me in Ter Aar we can enjoy nature and with Rob in Nijmegen we can go into the city. We have two houses, one in a village and one in a city. The best of both worlds, I always say. "

Daphne and Rob have therefore consciously opted for a slat relationship, mainly because Daphne and Rob both have children who still live at home. "The children support us and are used to having us come together over the weekend, which is very nice."

Daphne and Rob therefore do not want to live together. “We will do that sometime in the distant future, but as long as the children are still living at home, we will keep it at a crossover relationship. We agreed that. ”

Daphne sees nothing in marriage. “I know Rob is the one for me, but I don't need a note for that. I don't see the benefit of getting married. We know that we want to continue together. We complement each other well; I am a pressure maker and he is wonderfully calm. ”

Online dating

She never saw Daphne meeting her lover via Wordfeud. "I was not looking for love at all, so this was one big surprise for me."

For others who meet people online, for example through a dating app or perhaps also Wordfeud, she has a tip. “Do your research, because you never know if someone is completely honest online. I did the same with Rob, because you can be fooled! Follow your heart, but be careful when you meet people online. "

Rob still plays Wordfeud, but Daphne no longer. "I'm tired of it."