Did your date go worse than you thought?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Did your date go worse than you thought?

© Shutterstock Sometimes you think that a date went really well, until you find out that the other did not enjoy it at all. Why had?

If you regularly date, it may have happened to you that a date goes very well, but there is no follow-up. It is possible that the other person had an even better date with someone else, or perhaps your date did not go as well as you initially thought. Therefore, pay attention to the following when you go on dates so that you don't get so disappointed again.


Sometimes a date seems to go very well because you yourself come out of your words perfectly and can tell the most fascinating stories. However, it is not the intention to impress yourself, but to the other. Perhaps the other person becomes a bit uncomfortable with people who look perfect. Also make sure that the other person has a lot to tell or at least is interested in your stories and wants to know more. If not, the enthusiasm is probably one-sided.

Super positive

Note how positive the other person is, not only during the date but also if you have already chatted with each other beforehand . Remember that there are some people who are almost only positive and never say an ugly word about something or someone, especially towards people they don't know yet. If the person with whom your date is really super positive about everything, then unfortunately you cannot see whether the date is going really well.

Accept their opinion

If the other person says after the date not want to date with you more often, then you already know enough. If you are really curious about a reason, you can possibly ask this. Whatever they say, accept it and move on. Don't argue or question their judgment. Even if you think they are making an excuse and actually have another reason not to go out with you, they don't owe you an explanation.