Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

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Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

© Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

In the north of the wooded province of Värmland in Sweden lies a paradise for hiking. Where there is plenty of skiing and skiing in the winter, you can discover the rugged nature in peace in the summer - and with a bit of luck you can even spot a wild moose.

"After time from Napoleon, there were only 150 moose left in the country due to over-hunting. Imagine 150 throughout Sweden! "Guide Udo Johansson raises his voice so that we can hear him from the backseat about the roar of the engine. He skilfully drives his 4x4 over a sandy path surrounded by tall trees. "Fortunately, things are now much better, so good that the hunters nowadays help to maintain the population. There are around 300,000 moose in Sweden, many of them in this province. Värmland is very woody, so the moose can find a lot to eat here. "

© Offered by Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

We are earlier in the evening left with Udo from the Långbergets Sporthotell in the north of Värmland to go on a moose safari, but the king of the forest is well hidden. We scour the forested slopes and Udo drives to all his favorite spots, but every time I think I see something, it turns out to be a broken tree or a large rock. "Those boulders are here because the trolls threw them when the first churches were built," says Udo. "They didn't like that." Udo tells his stories so vividly that you would almost start to believe in them, but if they were there, the trolls would not show themselves. While dusk falls and we are driving past an open field, Udo suddenly hits the brakes. Three red deer are just a stone's throw away. Udo enthusiastically grabs the binoculars. "Too bad for you that they are not elk, but in this region red deer are much rarer!"

© Offered by Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

If the stars appear, we head back to the hotel, which has a fantastic location on top of a mountain. It is fresh on the mountain top and Udo lights a campfire where he makes a kettle of coffee. "What a bad luck we didn't see anything! That is the first time this summer that I have not succeeded. "In the summer season Udo is a nature guide at Långberget and in the winter he works at the ski lifts. "This is a popular winter sports area," he says, warming our hands with steaming mugs of coffee. "In the winter it is also beautiful here, when the mountains are covered with a thick layer of snow, but I still enjoy the summer most as an outdoor person. In nature, endless walks, looking for beavers and moose. Delicious! "

© Offered by Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

The next day we explore the surroundings of Långberget on foot. The ski village below the hotel is the starting point of a number of well-marked shorter walking routes. One moment we walk on soft springy moss, then on rocks again. The views are grandiose; In the morning we see the mist hanging over the Klarälven River in the distance. In the forest it is wonderfully quiet and even on the vast mountain slopes you hear nothing but the wind and the whistling of birds. There is no soul in sight; in the summer you have the ski slopes full of blooming wildflowers all to yourself. When we reach the foot of the mountain, we see a lake where we meet other people for the first time. A fisherman greets us from the shore and two canoes paddle in the distance. Around the lake there are a number of the famous red stugas, which are used here as holiday homes.

After our walk we got very hungry and we walk to the restaurant of the Långbergets Sporthotell. Through the large windows you have a panoramic view of the mountain, the forests and the lakes in the distance. After a hearty supper of potatoes, a large meatball and cranberries, we decide to drive down the mountain in our rental car to see the sunset at the Klarälven river. We arrive just before the sun goes down behind the mountains at a bridge and soon the entire sky turns warm orange.

© Offered by Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

Just before the bridge, the wide river divides itself around an island, and while we watch the sunset, we suddenly see something moving. A wild moose emerges out of nowhere from the undergrowth on the islet onto the pebble beach. The majestic animal gently wades into the river at a point where the current is the least strong. We hold our breath; within half a minute the moose has reached the other side and disappears into the thick vegetation. We could not have imagined such a nice meeting even on the moose safari with Udo.

Make it happen

The Långbergets Sporthotell is open all year round and a great base for an active holiday. In summer you can go hiking, rent mountain bikes or go on a trip with a guide for a moose safari, canoe or fishing, and in winter you can go skiing and cross-country skiing. The rooms are simple but comfortable and equipped with a drying cabinet. In the restaurant with spectacular views, a breakfast buffet and lunch buffet are served and in the evening you can dine à la carte (

If you come with your own car, then Långberget in the north of Värmland about a 17-hour drive on a beautiful route through Germany, Denmark and western Sweden. You can also choose to fly to Oslo or Gothenburg and rent a car here. It is just over 2.5 hours' drive from Oslo and just over 5 hours from Gothenburg. You can read more about the region on and

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Author: Sara van Geloven

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© Offered by Lonely Planet Discover a hiking paradise deep in the Swedish forest

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