Discover Bristol with these virtual tours

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Discover Bristol with these virtual tours

© Lonely Planet Discover Bristol with these virtual tours

Although all Bristol attractions are closed due to the corona virus, you can now experience the city's rich history from the comfort of your home with these virtual tours. / p>

Culture lovers and travelers can discover Bristol's heritage, Banksy's famous street art, galleries, history museums and top attraction attractions online with these virtual tours, podcast and playlists.

1. Banksy street art tour

Bristol is known worldwide for its vibrant street art, with political satire adorning much of the walls. Take a virtual Banksy tour and see the beautiful murals of the anonymous street artist from your phone, wherever you are in the world (download the Android version here). The app also includes his 2020 Valentine piece, articles with photos of the Banksy vs Bristol Museum show and his exhibition at Weston-Super-Mare, Dismaland.

2. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Another way to view a Banksy from home is to take the virtual tour of the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, where you will see Banksy's 'Paintpot Angel' and the galleries of Egypt and Assyria see the museum.

3. SS Great Britain

The iconic Victorian luxury ship Brunel, SS Great Britain, is Bristol's award-winning attraction. Their virtual tour allows you to 'wander' on the decks and learn about this groundbreaking ship that changed the world.

4. Bristol Podcast History

Discover Bristol's podcast History, in collaboration with the local magazine Bristol Cable. The podcast features several episodes and interviews outlining the city's history, including the role of Caribbean migration in the city, election day in 18th-century Bristol, the natural history of the West Country, overseas trade in Bristol in history, street art and many more Bristolian topics to discover from your sofa.

5. Bristol Cathedral

Bristol's beautiful, historic cathedral came to the fore in 1140 when Robert Fitzhardinge founded the Abbey of Saint Augustine. You can still see the cathedral's spectacular stained glass windows and learn about its history through their online tour.

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