Discover this unknown gem in Greece: Thassos

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Discover this unknown gem in Greece: Thassos

Do you want a good Greece vacation, but you want to monitor the peace and discover new land? Then think of the island of Thassos!

Small but nice

The relatively small island is located at the far north-east of Greece, near the coast of Macedonia. You will find beautiful green nature, beautiful beaches, lovely villages and of course delicious Greek food here. Basically everything you want from a Greece vacation, but without the crowds of tourists. About 14,000 inhabitants live on the island and the capital has only about 3,100. Small but nice! © Offered by Zoover

Tour around the mountain

On the island are the hills and mountains in the middle, around which is the 73km main road. This way you can reach all the beautiful places of the island. So it is handy to arrange a (rental) car! You can also reach the nicest spots by bus, but then of course you are less flexible.

Places of interest on Thassos

Of course you can enjoy the general picture: many sweet mountain villages where the houses have a special Macedonian architecture. The nature around it gives a magnificent view. On the coastlines you can admire the harbor towns and beautiful beaches again. In addition, a top list of sights: The ruins and monuments around Thassos city The archaeological museum of Thassos city The (remains of) shrines and temples from ancient times The old and new port of Thassos city Monasteries, these can be found all over the island. Tip from Zoover: the monastery of Archangel Michael

Local delicacies

Greek cuisine has of course already earned its stripes with delicious delicacies. Thassos has a few culinary delights in store for us. They eat a lot of Kourbani on the island, this is a dish of cooked beef. And the honey from Thassos is among the best in Greece, delicious!

Off to Greece, Thassos!

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