Do not do these things in front of your dog

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Do not do these things in front of your dog

© Shutterstock Certain things can trigger unwanted behavior

Dogs may be known as four-legged friends, but that doesn't mean you can just do everything in front of them without taking them into account. Here are some behaviors to avoid, because otherwise your loyal Loebas might surprise you unpleasantly:

Arguing with your partner

If you're not happy, your dog is neither does that. Therefore, try to avoid arguing with your partner in front of your furry friend, as it can upset and bark or even bite. It is therefore best to go outside if an altercation really cannot be avoided.


While it can be fun, it is not wise to take your dog to struggle. This way, your dog may get the idea that aggressive behavior, even if played, is acceptable. Your dog can also easily get too excited and go a bit too far in the wrestling match.

Let someone take his place in the bed

If your dog is used to being with you sleeping in bed he will not be happy if suddenly someone else is in his place. Dogs can react hostile to this, and can become aggressive from the unexpected sight of their owner having sex. It is therefore important to teach your dog to sleep alone so that he will not get upset if he cannot lie in your bed for once.

Invite a group of friends to watch sports

Watching a sports game with your friends is usually accompanied by the necessary joy and / or anger outbursts and the additional screams. However, this can frighten your dog and make it unpredictable. If your dog reacts in a startled but not aggressive way, you can try to condition him with a dog treat every time he shouts. He will associate competition days with food and fun. If he reacts aggressively, it's better to keep match days at home with one of your petless friends.

Source: UrDogs