Do not make these mistakes if you are going to paint a wall

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Do not make these mistakes if you are going to paint a wall

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There are people who prefer to smear a different color on their walls every year. But most of the time, walls and ceilings are still a bit subordinated. It is a huge job for which there is often no sense and time. Now that we are at home en masse, people are finally taking up the brush. Therefore, a number of mistakes that you absolutely should not make when you are going to paint a ceiling or wall. this is called sauces. We may sound a bit like an ant fucker now, but if you have handy friends you will come across a bit better if you name the animal by its name. The difference between painting and sauces is simple, you paint woodwork and walls you sauce.

What material do you need?

We hope we don't have to tell you before it is best to use a large roller to sauce a wall. You never get it nicely smooth with just a brush, but keep it handy. It is best to place the roller on a roller stick, so you can make nice long jobs and apply more power without getting tired. Also make sure you put something on the floor in advance, because it is going to splash anyway and the masking of frames and skirting boards is not an unnecessary luxury. If you are busy, get a small roll at home. We'll explain in a moment why.

Make nice long jobs

Then we'll go to practice. This is where the small roller (or brush) comes in. You use this to make "a box", ie the sides. Otherwise, you will soon hit the ceiling or floor with the large roller, which we will try to prevent. A brush is easy when working with color, but leaves a less wide stripe and has a different texture than the rollers. If you have done the preliminary work, you can sauce. Do not stand too close to the wall, make long strips and overlap them. Once you've done a wall, don't be alarmed by any visible jobs. Let the paint dry well first. Only after a day (24 hours) do you really see the end result and it is time for a possible second coat.

The importance of good paint

Only if a wall has just been plastered you can put it in the primer first, that is primer for walls. If this is not the case, you can immediately start using the "normal" paint (latex). You shouldn't want to be in the first rank for a dime here, because good tools are half the battle. As they say in construction. However you do your best with that cheap paint, it always gets less beautiful. It is also important to sauce nice and thick, then it covers better. Don't be too frugal.

Finishing final details

A final tip if you've been working with tape to tape the edges. Then take it off immediately when you are done with sauces. Otherwise you have a chance of pulling the paint off again. That is, of course, a waste of the hard work you have just done. If there are small spots that you have missed, try to spot them very carefully with a small brush.