Do not make these mistakes when packing for a city trip

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Do not make these mistakes when packing for a city trip

© Grazia Do not make these mistakes when packing for a city trip

In addition to your planned summer vacation, you are probably also planning a number of short city trips with your lover or best friends. It is always a big challenge to fill exactly one small suitcase with everything you need (spoiler: it is always too much and then you have to choose). To make sure you make the right choice and you have enough Instagram looks in your suitcase, follow this simple advice.

Choose your travel outfit

Make sure you wear your "heaviest" clothing on departure. An example of a good travel look is: jeans, a shirt or sweater with long sleeves, a cardigan tied around your waist and your favorite pair of sneakers. Prefer a little more comfort? Your sweatpants with hoodie are also a good choice.

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Light, airy, layered

Choose the lightest materials to take with you on a journey and roll them up carefully (to avoid violent creases). Instead of jeans, you go for wide trousers or pleated skirts. To create layers you combine your vest with different looks. Also nice and easy to take with you: maxi dresses or jumpsuits.

Backpack = handbag

You may find it a bit drowsy, but it is so much easier to bring a comfortable backpack with you to take. You smuggle a lot more into this, plus the weight is better distributed for your back. Nowadays the choice is huge and you will find a backpack that fits your style.

Leave the shoe closet at home

Although it is very tempting to have a different pair of shoes for each outfit You know all too well that this will never fit in that small suitcase. Simply wear your favorite pair of sneakers and, at most, grab a pair of comfortable sandals. No flip flops or shoes without sufficient support in the sole. Your feet will be grateful. And what is the chance that you will wear that high pair of heels on that cobblestone-filled city? Non existent. Is right.

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