Do you suffer from stress? These foods may help you

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Do you suffer from stress? These foods may help you

© Editor Marie Claire Do you suffer from stress? These foods may help you

Do you suffer from stress or a burnout? We prefer to go on holiday with an appetite, but that is not yet possible due to the corona crisis. Now that we are at home day after day, it is not surprising that it feels stuffy. But you can also do a lot with food to combat stress and / or burnout. We give you some tips.

1. Balance your sugar level

Balancing your sugar level is one of the most important things to do in case of stress and burnout. Avoid all foods that fluctuate your sugar levels, such as sugar, alcohol, white flour and fruit juice. Even fruits and starchy vegetables (such as parsnips and pumpkin) can cause problems, so eat them in moderation. In particular, include foods that balance your blood sugar, such as low-starch vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, and berries. Also add proteins and fats to every meal, because these ensure that your sugar level remains stable. Eating every three hours and starting the day with a healthy breakfast also helps to keep your sugar level in balance.

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2. Eat a protein-rich diet.

Protein-rich foods not only help keep your blood sugar stable. The amino acids in these also help restore tissues, muscles and hormones. Good protein sources are meat, wild fish, nuts, seeds, eggs and legumes.

3. Less caffeine

Do you need coffee or tea to stay awake? It is better to leave these drinks during stress and burnout. The caffeine in this stimulates the release of stress hormones and makes you sleep less well.

Healthy alternatives for coffee and tea are herbal teas, chicory and dandelion. Maca latte is also very tasty. You make it by mixing maca powder, warm coconut milk and cinnamon in a blender. Just like a real latte!

4. Add extra nutrients.

During a period of stress and burnout you can become deficient in nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamins B and C. Make up for these shortages by adding extra vegetables, seeds, mussels and oysters. eat.

5. Maca and goji berries

Your body could use some extra support during stress and burnout. You can do that by adding maca and goji berries to your diet. Maca balances your hormones and goji berries give you energy. You can just buy both foods in the supermarket.

Night's rest

You will not be surprised that sleep is extremely important during stress and burnout. Try to sleep at least eight hours a night and go to bed at ten. Then your body will rest best. You can also try spending 10 to 12 hours a night in bed for two weeks. You will notice that in your energy! You can also do sports if you suffer from stress or burnout. Avoid intensive training, because that only exhausts you. See which way of exercise gives you energy, that is best for your body.

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