Does a long distance relationship have a chance of success?

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Does a long distance relationship have a chance of success?

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You unexpectedly meet a nice man or woman on the beach. One thing leads to another and when you return home you notice that your thoughts do stray to that Italian goddess or Portuguese surfer. This turns out to be mutual and the declarations of love fly back and forth. Suddenly you don't want to share this person anymore and you are in a long distance relationship. How do you ensure that a long-distance relationship becomes and remains successful?


Distance or not, the key to a relationship's success is always trust. The rules are different for each couple. Talk clearly in advance what is the limit for you and what the consequences are when the other person crosses this limit. That way you avoid misunderstanding and that someone gets hurt.


It is already difficult to keep in good contact with each other because of the distance, so really try to insert time for this. If you also have to deal with a time difference, it becomes quite difficult, so plan it. If you do not remain involved in each other's lives, you can lose the connection.

Speaking arguments

When you communicate without seeing each other, messages can be misinterpreted. This can cause annoyances and arguments. Do you have this feeling? Then make it known. Going to sleep with an angry heart is no good for anyone!


This is not only the case with a long-distance relationship, but with all relationships. Make sure that you do not become completely emotionally dependent on this person. Make sure you have enough friends and family around you that you can count on.


First and foremost, a long-distance relationship is far from optimal. We can see this with our own eyes in programs such as 'Limitless Falling in Love', so consider for yourself whether you have the same picture of the future. At a certain point, knots have to be made and then it is important that you have the same idea about your future.

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