Does traveling make you tired? This is why!

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Does traveling make you tired? This is why!

On vacation to rest? As seasoned travel enthusiasts, we know that especially the journey is not always the ideal time for recharging. Because no matter how relaxed, luxurious, warm and well cared for that fly-train or car seat, traveling can be quite tough. Why does traveling make you tired? © Offered by Zoover Media BV Makes travel tired - airport

Why does travel get tired? The plane

Eye-catcher in the air, your favorite podcast already downloaded and a handbag that bulges with good snacks ... let that relaxed flying holiday begin! How is it possible that you still get out of the plane, wrinkled and cooked, at your destination? The combination of dry air and little ability to move makes you guaranteed sleepy. The less you exercise, the lower your heart rate is. Something that makes you all the more sleepy. Good reason, therefore, to go for a quick sprint in the aisle. © Offered by Zoover

Why does travel make you tired? The train

It remains a wonderful prospect, such a long train journey where you have nothing to do. Apart from looking out of the window once in a while to see which special landscape you can admire without taking a single step. It makes it even nicer to add one of these most beautiful train journeys in the world to your wish list. Traveling by train does come with a challenge, because how tempting is it to let yourself be rocked by such a wonderfully fluctuating train? © Offered by Zoover

Sleeping by the pool

Experience from the Zoover editorial team shows that only one thing really works to recover from a long journey. A lounger. In the sun. At your favorite resort. So book it especially extra long, that flying holiday. That way you have plenty of time to recover. Preferably with a cocktail, well-cared for buffet and silky soft hotel bed within reach. A few nice options: Spice Hotel & Spa in Belek, Turkey Bakung Beach Resort on Bali Riu Palace Cabo Verde Hotel on the Cape Verde Islands