Does your phone ruin your relationship?

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Does your phone ruin your relationship?

 © Shutterstock Telephones have a big impact on our lives

We often underestimate how much we are actually doing with our phones and what the impact is on our relationships. If you endanger your relationship by using your phone irresponsibly, pay particular attention to the following.

Waste of money

How much do you spend on digital content? Be careful when buying apps and especially gamers must be careful not to spend too much on in-game purchases. Spending money on this can cause serious arguments with your partner. Can't you better save that money to do something fun together?

During sex

Do you ever catch yourself trying to grab your phone during sex? This may mean that the sex isn't exciting enough, but it's probably also a sign that you're really too busy with your phone.


Flirting with someone on the phone feels less real than when you do it on the street, but your partner probably won't see it that way. Watch out for flirtatious messages on social media and Whatsapp. Also delete all your dating apps, because looking around 'for fun' can just ruin your relationship.