Domestic violence is increasing ... "Mostly it is about hitting or kicking"

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Domestic violence is increasing ...

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A partner who has to work from home just like you, school-aged children who sit at home and no more nights out. With most staying indoors, indoor tensions can run high. Fier, the national expertise and treatment center in the field of violence in dependency relationships, is also noticing this. "The number of reports of domestic violence at Fier has doubled and the number of crisis admissions has increased."

Ingrid Eisma (39) is a manager at Fier. According to her, the increase was predictable. "Now that everyone is indoors and all social activities are prohibited, many people have lost their rhythm. In addition, there are concerns about the future, especially money concerns. This leads to tensions and where you previously could escape with friends or work-related activities, you can no longer do that now. ”


“ Fortunately, Fier continues, although we also keep of course we comply with the guidelines of RIVM. But where possible we still visit families at home. We need the whole family to stop harassment and violence. Together we make agreements with those involved about how they can ensure that it remains safe. ”

“ Everything goes on in our reception locations. We have extra activities for the mothers in the reception group, so that the children do not go to school to be compensated. The most important thing, we think, is that the rhythm continues. ”

It is also a tough period for clients and Fier employees. "Our people have to keep working, because we have a vital profession. But beautiful things also arise; it creates solidarity and togetherness. For example, a treatment group recently made tickets for the elderly. That also makes working in this period special. ”


“ Unfortunately, there are also families who are now at home and are in a hellish situation. We have received more reports of first-time physical calls. The quarrels in the house are mounting and that can lead to violence. It is usually about hitting or kicking. Everyone is now at home all day and on top of each other's lips. Adults are not distracted from work and children are not distracted from school. No one can leave for a moment to find distractions or to calm down, which leads to tensions.

"So I advise families to keep looking for help when needed. We can do this during the day by telephone and in the evening and night via chat. An important tip I would like to share with families who are at home with tensions: try to find distance in your own home, even if you just go to another room to relax. ”