Donna: "He is 1.78 meters, I 1.08 meters"

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Everything is possible in love. A big difference in character, age or height ... it all no longer matters once the spark has been skipped. But who would belong to whom? Today the story of Donna (43) and Piet (52).

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Donna Hofman (entertainer as Little Donna and spiritual counselor, has an adult daughter) has been together with Piet (warehouse employee in car for 15 years) -components). They care seventy centimeters in length.

Donna: "I met Piet at Marktplaats. After my divorce, I placed an ad: "Dwarf Bunny seeks contact." No sex ad, just for fun. I got a lot of reactions from dirty men, but Piet was different. He wrote a neat e-mail, a serious response. "

© Iris Planting

Piet:" I thought: what a funny woman, I have to respond to that. I was curious and actually thought she was joking about her height. "

Not everyone enthusiastic

Donna:" He is 1.78 meters, I 1.08 meters. After my divorce, I didn't immediately have to think about a new relationship, but Piet and I immediately had a click. After a few weeks I already had his house key. He said: "I really want to keep in touch with you." "

Piet:" I thought she was a very nice and beautiful woman and had a strong feeling that I could trust her. And she was funny too. "

Donna:" Piet had everything done well, very different from the wrong types I normally fell on. He was good to me and my daughter. Yet not everyone reacted - and reacts - enthusiastically to our relationship. I think it's envy. Oh well, I can have something, I have heard everything in my life. I find it most annoying that you hear those reactions through-through. "What can Piet do with her?" They say behind my back. "

Super strong

Piet:" In Alkmaar, where we come from, you don't see that many small people. Then you stand out. My family still struggles with having a relationship - and that after almost 16 years! I think if I am happy, they should be for me too. They couldn't do that. Annoying, but we ended up much stronger in the end. "

Donna:" Super strong, even. We are much less focused on the outside world and more on each other. Piet is my prince on the white horse and my very best friend. He really loves me, goes through the fire for me. We are a good team and are increasingly growing closer together. Although we remain two very different people. I am an extrovert, an entertainer, and immediately say what I think. Piet chooses more often to keep the peace. "

Piet:" I am also straightforward, but I prefer to stay a bit more in the background. I just love her presence. We complement each other better and better. ”

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