Don't forget: 5 surprisingly useful items on vacation

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Don't forget: 5 surprisingly useful items on vacation

We are happy to tip you 5 items that will make your holiday a success. Forget all the standard lists. These surprising accessories are really handy.

1. Powerbank

A powerbank is lightweight and makes your holiday that little bit more practical. From the airport to your holiday destination, without a battery you cannot take beautiful photos, send jealous updates to the home front or look in the map app for how to get from A to B. With a power bank, those problems are largely solved.

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2. Emergency ration

To be honest, sometimes the food in a hotel is not what you expected. Therefore always read our reviews or get inspiration at these hotels in Spain where you get the best food. Are you on the go or do you not have breakfast in your accommodation? Then it is handy if you have packed a few of your favorite snacks. Think of a roll of cookies or nice snack bars. You can also take them along during an activity such as a hike or excursion.

3. Entertainment

Local television shows may not always be your cup of tea. And sometimes you just need a little more screen space than your phone. If you have a television receiver, you can easily take it with you. Consider an Apple TV or Chromecast. Many hotels have an HDMI connection and you can watch your own series! Just make sure you don't forget to take it home.

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4. Slippers!

They are lightweight, easy to put on and a lifesaver in dirty hotels. But also during long flights or when the weather turns out warmer than you expected, slippers are a must have. With us they go anyway in the suitcase. With you too?

5. Socket outlet

This is the bonus tip for ultimate comfort. Often there are sockets in crazy places and there is something everywhere to charge or your phone dangles from a cord along the wall. Not ideal. By taking a power strip with you you can keep everything in the same place and you will never forget any chargers. Handy, right?