Don't wear new boxer shorts on an exciting date

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Don't wear new boxer shorts on an exciting date

© Shutterstock New boxer shorts can have an annoying side effect

Suppose you have an exciting date planned. You may even end the night together in bed. Then of course you want to be well prepared. An ironed shirt, maybe to the hairdresser, good flossing and brushing, a new boxer short perhaps? While the latter in particular seems like a good idea - due to the possibility that you can get undressed together later in the evening - you might be better off doing that.

New boxer shorts sometimes give off fluff, and guess three times what they will stick to. And come on, that doesn't look natural, such a genital full of woolly fluff. It may even be a huge turnoff for your bed partner and it is also the last time that you were able to undress in front of her. If you are lucky she can laugh about it but it is still an annoying interruption if you have to go to the bathroom to wash away the cotton layer.

It is therefore best to first check your new boxer shorts. wash before throwing him into action on an exciting date.

Source: Men's Health