easyJet will offset the CO2 emissions of all flights

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

easyJet will offset the CO2 emissions of all flights

© Lonely Planet easyJet is going to offset the CO2 emissions of all flights

Budget company easyJet has announced that it is going to offset the CO2 emissions of the fuel from all flights. They do this by investing in projects such as tree planting and protection against deforestation.

Society recognizes that compensation is only an interim measure until other technologies become available to reduce fly emissions to decrease. For now, according to easyJet, it is the best available option. In addition, the company will continue to make the current operation more efficient to reduce the impact on the environment, for example by taxiing with one engine and introducing more fuel-efficient aircraft.

According to Dr. . Roger Tyers, who is researching sustainable consumption, CO2 compensation and taxes in the aviation industry at the University of Southampton, is indeed CO2 compensation not the ultimate solution. It seems inadequate in terms of time, effectiveness and ethics. Trees need years to plant, grow and remove carbon dioxide, he explains. Regarding effectiveness, a recent EU study found that 85% of the compensation projects studied did not deliver the promised CO2 reductions.

It is ultimately up to the traveler to be aware of the foot pressure he leaves behind and more often to look at alternative means of transport, but for everyone who flies, compensation for now (whether you pay for it yourself or whether it is arranged by society) is a nice middle ground.

The cost of an easyJet ticket will not increase as a result of the CO2 compensation. For more information, visit the easyJet website.

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