Enjoy the shade on your roof terrace!

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Enjoy the shade on your roof terrace!

A roof terrace is a special luxury that not every house knows, but if you have such a beautiful space, then you will enjoy using it. It is nice on warm summer days if you can sit in the shade. This can be done by means of a permanent roof or a parasol, but there are certainly also other options. How about a shade cloth from the experts of Zonz Sunsails from Apeldoorn? We are happy to tell you more about this! And if you have a garden or a balcony, these shade cloths can also be a great solution. Read on soon!

Enjoy the summer weather

© homify / ZONZ sunsails Enjoy the summer weather

Now that you may be confined to your home, you can do not wait until the beautiful summer days start again and you can enjoy the sun and warmth. But you probably also know that too much sun is not good for you and you do not want to be completely burned after such a day on your roof terrace. These shade cloths offer a solution. You can easily attach them to a roof edge or a pole and by means of pulleys you have them down again in no time.

Large surface area

© homify / ZONZ sunsails Large surface area

The disadvantage of a parasol is that you always with such an annoying pole that just has to be placed where you prefer your table. And the area that actually gets shaded is often limited. Shade cloths can usually extract a much larger area from the sunlight. You can see that very well here! What a fantastic roof terrace. Here you can even find a real outdoor kitchen.


© homify / ZONZ sunsails Colors

Depending on the style and atmosphere on your roof terrace or in your garden it is of course also nice to take that into account in terms of colors. The shade cloths are therefore available in various colors. And you can also see in this photo how easy they are to attach. And then also placing a hammock makes it complete ... Make a nice refreshing cocktail, lie back and enjoy hours here.


{ img3} © homify / ZONZ sunsails Lounging

Lounging could be called a verb, but in fact it is of course a way of relaxing! And what better way to do that than in such a fantastic place as here ... Such a wonderful lounge set is only complete with a good canopy and the beautiful triangular shade cloths keep the sun at an appropriate distance here. Time to quickly organize a party here if you can just get people back at home.


© homify / ZONZ sunsails Balcony

The boundary between a balcony and a roof terrace may be a bit difficult to draw: what would you rank this place under? Since this is the top floor, you can safely call it a roof terrace! And of course shade cloths can also provide the necessary cooling. Eating and lounging is perfect here: delicious!

Cool atmosphere

© homify / ZONZ sunsails Cool atmosphere

Like you have seen in this overview, you can create many different styles and atmospheres. The shade cloths can make a good contribution to this, especially in the sturdy entourage you see here. Nice to work with pallets or just buy such garden furniture ready-made. Just look forward to summer and think about how you can apply a shade cloth on your roof terrace or in your garden. Do you want to see some more beautiful examples? Do not skip this article!