Enjoy the sun safely and stylishly!

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Enjoy the sun safely and stylishly!

When reading this title you may think that you are dealing with an advertisement for sunglasses or sunscreen, but that is of course not the case with homify. In this case we can show you something very nice that you might very well be able to use this coming summer! The experts from Zonz Sunsails from Apeldoorn have beautiful shade cloths that can provide some (safe) cooling on your terrace. We will be happy to explain how this works in exactly one way by means of a number of beautiful photos. So discover in advance how you will get through those hot days very pleasantly!

On a warm summer day

© homify / ZONZ sunsails On a warm summer day

You knows it: it is a warm summer day and you actually want to be outside, but the sun is too bright. A parasol can then offer a solution, but is not always the most convenient solution. Fortunately, another option is possible and you will probably feel that we are talking about the beautiful shade that you can see in the photo. This fabric ensures that the harmful UV radiation cannot reach your skin for around 95%!

All shapes and sizes

© homify / ZONZ sunsails All shapes and sizes

You see another one here terrace pictured with a different shape and color shade cloth. The great thing about the Zonz Sunsails assortment is that the canvases are truly available in all shapes, sizes and colors. The attachment is usually very simple and in addition, the canvas is suitable for hanging all summer. Unless of course you choose to allow some (temporary) sunlight on your terrace.


© homify / ZONZ sunsails Square

We just told you that all shapes and sizes are available: here you see a nice square copy. Ideal for such a beautiful holiday home in Mediterranean regions where it can get very hot. This fabric offers a great solution for which you need few fixing points. Quite different from a semi-permanent canopy that must be built completely. And also much more practical than a parasol: you don't have a nasty stand here that just stands in your way.


© homify / ZONZ sunsails Triangle

We just showed another square canvas, here you see a triangular variant in the picture. The advantage of this is that you only need three points to hang it up. Make sure that the whole hangs in such a way that you are optimally in the shade. By the way, did you know that it is also less hot in the shade? Maybe logical, but definitely worth mentioning. You can count on it that you can easily withstand those heat waves!

In the hammock

© homify / ZONZ sunsails In the hammock

What exactly does your ideal holiday look like? And in this case we are talking about a day that you spend at home, not at your holiday address. Relaxing in the hammock is an option that we can certainly recommend, but even then it is important that you do not lie in full sun, otherwise you can sometimes go to your nap with a hefty sunstroke ... Place therefore your hammock also under such a beautiful shade cloth.

On the roof terrace

© homify / ZONZ sunsails On the roof terrace

We have already shown you different types and sizes of shade cloths on the terrace, but of course such a cloth is also ideally suited for a roof terrace. That is why we close this overview with this wonderful example. Really a roof terrace to fall in love with! And, in the meantime, do you want to know more about the different ways to make your terrace a little more sheltered? This article can also help you further.