Every man should have at least one gold watch

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Every man should have at least one gold watch

© The Big Bear Art Studio Gold watch

Let's start by saying we understand that you might link gold watches (perhaps gold accessories in general) to those Mafia movies that you've watched just too often. We initially had a bit of a problem with that. But there are gold watches and there are gold watches. We will of course talk about the second category.

Don't be a Goldfinger

Gold is more often than not associated with the term "exaggerated." Rappers, mafia bosses and people who don't know what to do with their money from craziness often come up with an abundance of gold. That is exactly where things go wrong. There is a reason that Francisco Scaramanga and not Auric Goldfinger is the coolest Bond villain. Where Goldfinger prefers to see everything in gold, Scaramanga keeps it subtle. Carry a golden gun with you, stylish. Put a golden woman in the bed of your enemy, a little less. All in moderation, that is the key to stylish existence.

Affordable gold watches

It doesn't have to be super expensive either. You can also transfer the right style with an entry-level model. So if you want to try it out once and you don't have Rolex money right away. Then you can make the flash with one of these watches.

© Offered by JFK Casio A168WG

Yes, the classic Casio should not be missing from this list anyway. The angular design, the digital dial. It is no wonder that these time pieces have completely disappeared in recent years. Everything that is seen as retro comes back and this golden watch is a perfect example of this.

© Offered by JFK Maserati Epoca

Can car manufacturers make some nice watches? In general we would clearly say no, but Maserati proves here that it is possible. A Milanese strap and rounded face. Tell us where we should sign for this beautiful piece of Italian design.

© Offered by JFK Seiko 5 gold watch

If there is one brand you can always count on as a budget-conscious style guru, that's Seiko . With a timepiece you say to you (a machine for this price is rare) and a subtle golden color, this is a watch that you could even wear to a funeral without being embarrassed.