Everyone is captivated by the KLM trackpants

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Everyone is captivated by the KLM trackpants

© Grazia Everyone under the spell of the KLM trackpants

If you regularly board the plane for business or pleasure, you know that a good travel outfit is really important. We mean, sitting in your neat pencil skirt and tight blouse is really just a flight from hell. The finest is and remains just an old, familiar jogging pants. And so for 100 years of existence, KLM has joined forces with Fred van Leer to design the ideal flight outfit for your next flight.

Trendy jogging pants

With that, the limited edition Jet Legs training pants a fact, and to be honest: we like it a lot! Of course, the pants have the iconic KLM color and is completely in the style of now.

Because although research has shown that almost 50 percent traveling in jogging pants would look like a no go, 44 percent thought it would be okay if it would look trendy.

KLM x Fred

KLM and Fred could not be said twice and so there was work for both parties at the store. The stylist went to work and provided a hip end result.

"Comfort and fashion often do not go hand in hand. Not in everyday outfit, but certainly not when traveling. And who doesn't want one? looking fabulous on the plane and scoring that compliment from your fellow traveler? I specially bought a look for KLM, combining the Jet Legs and a number of other favorite items ", says Fred.

The pants are also super sustainable, since it is made from recycled polyester and elastane. The packaging in which the pants are sent to you is made from recycled plastic. To have? You can now shop for € 33.06 through the KLM webshop.

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