Exhibition: A new fashion image in wartime

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Exhibition: A new fashion image in wartime

© Beau Monde Exhibition: A new fashion image in wartime

Another hour left during your day in Amsterdam? The Resistance Museum is located opposite Artis in the chic Plantage neighborhood. There is an exhibition about fashion in wartime. Because true fashionistas cannot be stopped by the enemy.

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Amsterdam tip: fashionable with mouse fur & dog hair

Suits of old men's costumes, dog hair sweaters, parachute fabric wedding dresses ... In You have to improvise war times. In the 'Mode op de bon' exhibition, the Amsterdam Resistance Museum tells about the fashion scene during the Second World War.

© Offered by Beau Monde Exhibition: A new fashion image in wartime

To be seen are dozens of dresses and other clothing, (fashion) magazines, photos, films of chic fashion shows and personal stories. Stories about the life that goes on, but also about well-known fashion houses such as Hirsch & Cie and Gerzon that are being destroyed by the persecution of the Jews.

It was inappropriate!

During the Second World War, the model also changed: suits were sewn from old men's suits, making the model wider and more straight. Skirts are shorter and less pleated to save dust. And dresses made from different (leftovers) fabrics become fashionable. Stockings are becoming scarce, so women are going to wear long pants for the first time. Libelle writes about the long trousers trend in 1942: "We believe that this wear is absolutely unsuitable for shopping trips in the city and certainly out of place in a restaurant." Ha!

Creative improvisation

We also improvise with all kinds of materials. Jute and flour sacks, mole or mouse fur collars, wood shoes, car tires, cardboard, cork and straw and dog hair sweaters. And parachute fabric turns out to be perfect as fabric for wedding dresses. Clothing was still limited available four years after the war, 'on the receipt'. So many of the self-made garments were worn for years.

This exhibition makes you think and gives you new inspiration. On display until Monday 1 June 2020.

Now on display at the Resistance Museum, Plantage Kerklaan 61, 1018 CX Amsterdam - verzetsmuseum.org