Experience life on Mars in this Spanish cave

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Experience life on Mars in this Spanish cave

© Lonely Planet Experience life on Mars in this Spanish cave

Humanity has been looking up at the cosmos since the beginning of time and wonders what existence could be like outside our own blue planet. We may now be closer to answering this question, thanks to a new project set up in northern Spain that mimics life on Mars.

The Ares Space Station, located in a 50 meter high and 1.2 kilometer long cave in Cantabria, is built on an isolated location that imitates the harsh conditions on Mars. It was built by a team of scientists, architects and engineers and offers space for ten participants to complete various tests and missions. There are research laboratories, tailor-made astronaut costumes, water production systems, recreational areas, a gym and a robot scout. Those interested in participating in the experience must take physical and psychosocial tests to ensure they are suitable.

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So far, the team has conducted several tests and one official mission. Experience costs € 5000 and includes a 26-day online training for the mission, three days of intensive training in Santander, three nights at the Ares Station and one night in a hotel in Santander with a gala dinner and award ceremony.

Although more stations have been built to test life on other planets, they have always been open to professionals in the field, and Ares Space Station is the only experience of its kind that people from different backgrounds have this .

For more information, visit the official website.

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