"Falling in love is like a mini-psychosis"

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& # 169; credits unknown "Falling in love is like a mini-psychosis"

If you are really in love, you can no longer think about other things. There is only that one in your head. Or better: in your body. Falling in love professor Jan Hindrik Ravesloot tells in the AD that you can also measure confusion and enchantment. , Suppose you put someone who is deeply in love with an MRI scan and you show a photo of the person he is in love with. Then you see that parts of the brain suddenly become very active. Those areas get more blood. Anxiety and possibly depressive feelings are eliminated, while brain areas that determine euphoria and good mood actually activate. ""

"People in love are in a permanent state of euphoria. Anxiety and inhibitions disappear into the background, your pain threshold is higher. You can become assertive and self-assured. For example, you chat with a stranger, while you would never do that otherwise. Being in love lifts you up. As if someone opens all your records.

Falling in love is the hardest thing in puberty. But according to orthopedagogue Shirley de Macker you can also fall in love pretty much later in your life. To the AD: ,, You can still completely lose yourself in the other. The only difference is that an adult can put love in perspective based on experience if it is not answered. An adolescent thinks the world is going to end. ”


The loving man / woman fixes his / her full attention on the woman / man he / she likes, The whole world of the a man or woman in love seems to be running this special person, The man or woman in love wants nothing more than to be with the other, The man or woman in love will totally focus on the other person he or she has fallen in love with, The man in love or woman will constantly keep an eye on the other, The loving man or woman will show that he / she really loves everything the other is doing.